Antibodies & Antigens


Cantor BioConnect’s antigens are used both in calibrators/controls or in the assay construct (i.e. antibody detection assays). High purity is usually required for the assay itself, while lower purity can generally be used in the control and often also the calibrator. The most popular antigens are D-Dimer, PCT, TSH Receptor Antigen, CRP, Tumor Markers, ASO, and TORCH. Most antigens can be supplied as either native or recombinant.

Specific Antibodies

Antibodies are now very common for almost every analyte. However, with the increasing efforts at worldwide standardization, it is becoming more and more important to use not just any antibody that gives a signal, but to instead use the gold standard antibody – the same clone that everybody else uses. Cantor BioConnect leverages its worldwide relationships with multiple antibody sources and universities to assist assay manufacturers in obtaining and securing long-term supply of an exact desired antibody clone(s) such as AMH, Vitamin D, anti-TSHr (TRAb), PCT, Drugs of Abuse, and many others.