While some companies prefer to purchase raw materials and manufacture their own controls in-house, other companies prefer to devote their resources solely to manufacturing kits (they then either recommend a third-party control or contract the manufacturing of the control on an OEM basis). Cantor BioConnect offers the following multi-analyte contract-manufactured (OEM) controls for manufacturers to label (they can also be combined):

  1. Tumor Marker
  2. Cardiac
  3. Serum Protein
  4. Drugs of Abuse
  5. Hormones & Fertility
  6. Infectious Disease
  7. Clinical Chemistry

These controls can be tested (and adjusted to fit a specific assay range) on a variety of platforms including Abbott, Roche, Siemens, Fujiebio, Tosoh, etc. and can be offered as liquid or powder in a range of bottle sizes